Entry #1

Music! O_O

2008-07-01 23:39:41 by magnificat12

Me and my older bro BlazingDragon have been "collaborating" on some songs lately. We're gonna use this account to post my music and the music that he hasn't deemed worthy of putting on his own account. So...Be expecting some stuff to be put up soon!

Later, peeps. B)


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2011-02-15 20:24:15

Where the frick are the other songs?!
Said One each day looks like you mighta just screwed up ur challenge unless your gonna start making 2 songs a day lol


2011-06-10 17:50:06

You have one cool brother dude


2011-09-24 16:07:46

Yeah, the whole song a day thing fell through. I actually got to day 6, and some of the others are posted on the BlazingDragon account. :/